Anna Kendrick reveals what she said to make Barack Obama double over with laughter

If you've seen any of her movies you'll be fully aware of just how funny Anna Kendrick is.

She's so funny in fact that she can even make the President of the United States double over in a fit of giggles.

No, not Donald Trump. The previous president one Mr. Barack Obama.

We are, of course, referring to this picture of Kendrick and Obama from 2012, which she shared on Instagram in 2013.

This was from a meeting between the pair in Los Angeles and the pictures were taken just moments after the actress had called Obama an 'a**hole.'

That's right the Pitch Perfect star had the audacity to call one of the most respected US presidents in history an 'a**hole.'

In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the 33-year-old explained exactly why she called Obama that word and why it made him laugh so much.

She told Colbert that when she arrived for the arranged meet-and-greet she was the first person to arrive and began talking to the secret service agent in the room, who just happened to be from the same state as Kendrick; Maine.

When Obama finally entered the room he began a talk to the assembled crowd which was primarily about the economy and then makes eye contact with Kendrick and praises her for her role in the 2009 movie Up in the Air.

Later on, when Kendrick finally got to talk to Obama he apologised for singling her out in such a manner. He said:

I hope I didn't embarrass you earlier.

To which she replied:

Yeah, you're such an a**hole.

Cue the giggles.

Their conversation continued to talk about Maine, for which she accosted him for not knowing about the various characteristics of the 50 states.

She told Colbert:

And he kinda laughs and says 'Oh, you're from Maine, aren't you'

And thinking about my conversation with the Secret Service agent I said, 'Yes! And I was the first person here.'

She describes her conversation with the secret service agent which prompted Obama to ask 'Are people from Maine really punctual?'

I was like, 'You didn't know that? You're the president.

So I called him an a**hole and scolded him for not knowing enough about the 50 states.

And that was what made him double over with laughter, yayyyyyy.

Embarrassing a great actress and not knowing about the states of his own country? Worst. President. Ever.

You can watch the full interview in the video below.

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