Avoiding Avengers: Endgame online spoilers has been quite easy thus with Marvel fans being surprisingly respectful of the filmmakers to not ruin the film for those who haven't seen it.

However, because the world is on fire there have unfortunately still been a select few people who have ruined the film for others, like this one man in Hong Kong who was beaten up outside a cinema for shouting the ending.

You would think that would be the last time that you would be reading about a story as ridiculous as this but here we are again, this time with the incident occurring in a branch of Dominos pizza in Houston, Texas.

According to ABC13, Friendswood Police Departmen‚Äčt responded to a call late on Sunday after a member of staff, identified as Justin Surface, assaulted his co-worker, after he lost his temper when the ending of the blockbuster was revealed to him.

Police said that a 33-year-old employee assaulted his co-worker for spoiling the Avengers: Endgame movie and issued a citation to Surface for the attack.

A member of the public told ABC13:

That just seems kind of insane to me, that they would do that over a movie. 

I don't know. Maybe they really wanted to see it.

I feel like if they were that into it, they should have preordered tickets.

That being said if you feel that you must talk about the movie, Comedy Central has some pretty interesting ways on how you should do it.

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