The hype surroundingAvengers: Endgame, the supposed final film in the Marvel saga, was so great that even before the film was released the cast and crew were urging people not to spoil the movie for others.

Now that the movie has been released worldwide, people are still being encouraged not to share any spoilers online and with fans who are yet to see the Avengers 3-hour epic showdown with Thanos.

However, those requests failed to register with one man who loudly began spoiling the film in front of others, immediately after seeing it at the Causeway Bay cinema in Hong Kong.

Rather than accost the man and bemoan him for ruining the film before going to see it for themselves, AsiaOne reports that the man was physically attacked by fans for revealing spoilers.

A photo of the man, propped up against a wall and with his wounds being tended to began to be circulated on social media after being reported by Taiwanese outlet TVBS.

Reports claim that many who had seen the picture felt that the man got what he deserved but others questioned the validity of the image and whether it was related to the described incident.

Some did claim to have seen the altercation, stating that they heard someone loudly revealing huge parts of the plot at the entrance to the cinema.

As recently as yesterday, the directors of the movie, Anthony and Joe Russo, shared a video on Twitter featuring the cast telling people to #DontSpoilTheEndgame.

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