Bachelorette contestant Garrett Yrigoyen has apologised after it was revealed he had liked a number of hateful memes on a since-deleted Instagram account.

The 29-year-old apologised on a new Instagram account after he was called out on social media by formed Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey for liking hateful memes, who posted screengrabs that showed him liking offensive posts.

Among them were jokes that mocked transgender people, feminists, laughed at the idea of throwing immigrant children over Trump's proposed border wall and suggested that Parkland school shooting survivor and gun control campaigner David Hogg is an actor.

Yrigoyen responded with a lengthy apology explaining that he would pull down his former Instagram account, under the handle garret-yrigs12, so he could "start fresh".

He wrote his apology on his replacement account, under the handle gy_yrigoyen, which he appears to have since deleted:

I never realized the power behind a mindless double tap on Instagram and how it bears so much weight on people's lives. I did not mean any harm by any of it.

My Instagram "likes" were not a true reflection of me and my morals.

He added that he will now "always be more informed of what i am liking and supporting, not just on Instagram, but in life", finishing:

I do not want my social media to define who I am, and I will take better care moving forward to support all walks of life. Again, I sincerely apologize and am sorry for any hurt, damage, or offense I may have caused.

indy100 has contacted ABC for comment.

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