Woman named 'Barbie Oppenheimer' says she's having trouble checking into hotels

Woman named 'Barbie Oppenheimer' says she's having trouble checking into hotels
Barbie vs. Oppenheimer / Barbenheimer

With the release of the Barbie movie and Oppenheimeron the same weekend this summer, everyone was feeling the 'Barbenheimer' fever - none more so than Barbara Oppenheimer.

(Yes, that's her real name).

Barbara's husband's father is third cousins to J. Robert Oppenheimer, hence her surname - not forgetting that Barbie's real name is Barbara.

In a recent interview with Slate about how she has found the recent Barbenheimer summer as someone who inadvertently has an on-theme name.

“I had college friends around the world texting me that weekend when [the movies] came out, with the whole schmear, you know… ‘the bomb and the bombshell’," she told the publication.

“It’s pretty funny! It was a brilliant thing that they launched them together. It really brought people back into movie theaters.”

Barbara recalled going to the cinema to watch Oppenheimer on the opening weekend to see "how they treated his [J.Robert] story," and also saw the Barbie movie two weeks after, noting how they loved both films "in different ways."

When asked which film she liked better, Barbara replied: "I can’t choose. I’m glad I saw both."

As a fan of both films, she going to watch the films again - and even sporting a t-shirt of the infamous meme.

"I’m going next week with a group of women and we’ll all wear pink. I’ll wear my Barbenheimer T-shirt," she added.

As well as the connection to Oppenheimer, Barbara also revealed she was a Barbie fan, and received the doll as a sixth birthday present, and also had a Ken, Skipper and Midge.

Since Barbenheimer has been everywhere this summer, it seems others find Barbara's name hard to believe which makes checking into hotels an interesting experience.

"I’m on vacation right now, and when I checked in at the hotel, I said, “Barbie Oppenheimer!” The guy said, “Are you pulling my leg?”

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