Ben Shapiro reading the lyrics of Cardi B's new song WAP has become a hilarious meme

Ben Shapiro reading the lyrics of Cardi B's new song WAP has become a hilarious meme

Ben Shapiro, the American conservative commentator, has become an overnight meme thanks to his objection to the lyrics featured in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's new song WAP.

The song, which has become a huge hit since it was released last week is very sexually explicit in terms of its lyrics and has been championed as a new wave of women rappers reclaiming their sexuality.

However, the lyrics haven't gone down too well with everyone, notably US conservatives, who are outraged that a woman can even sing about having sex or mention parts of her anatomy, despite it really not being that new in terms of hip-hop (Lil Kim anyone?)

Perhaps the person who has been most outraged by this song is the aforementioned Shapiro, who berated the song in the latest edition of his podcast on the right-wing website The Daily Caller where he recited the lyrics but was so appalled that he couldn't even say some of the words.

His almost faux-disgust at these lyrics would indicate that Shapiro hasn't listened to either Cardi B or Megan Thee Stallion before, doesn't approve of women being proud of their sex lives and really doesn't know much about hip-hop or contemporary music? Did he complain about some of Kanye West's more risque lyrics or 1930s swing music?

Shapiro then tried to defend himself, claiming that it was 'misogynistic' to question if the lyrics were empowering for women before adding that any woman who has these symptoms might need medical assistance, a diagnosis that came from his wife. We can't be sure of either Shapiro is qualified as a gynecologist.

That being said, Shapiro's complaints about the song have gone viral and has seen him ridiculed for his objections to the song's content (Warning: Some of these jokes do contain the word that Shapiro cannot bring himself to say).

Cardi B has even mocked Shapiro for his criticism, which she appears to think is hilarious.

Still, if the old right-wing commentary doesn't work out Shapiro might have a job as a rapper?

That being said, it might go as well as his Hollywood screenwriting gig...

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