The Daily Wire and Steven Crowder's 'Stop Big Con' feud explained

Trailer for Ben Shapiro's new show 'Debunked'

An online feud has erupted between two major conservative media outlets, Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire and Steven Crowder’s Louder with Crowder.

In a nearly 30-minute-long YouTube video, Crowder criticized an unnamed “big con” (big conservative) media company for offering him a $50 million contract that included terms that he likened to big tech organizations.

Speaking about the offer, Crowder said it included “unreasonable demands for control” and “immoral terms that actually punish conservative content creators on behalf of Big Tech.”

According to Crowder, the terms of the contract say if he is affected by demonetization on YouTube he would be financially penalised, which he believes is unfair because he is already affected by social media platforms’ censorship systems.

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“I’ve been demonetized for years, we’ve adapted here,” Crowder said.

He announced his initiative “” where people can support him.

Although he did not name the “big con” company, many concluded The Daily Wire, co-founded by Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing, was the company offering Crowder a contract.

In response to Crowder’s video, Boreing made his own nearly hour-long YouTube video breaking down the proposal The Daily Wire gave to Crowder, confirming they were the ones Crowder was speaking about.

“I think there’s a lot of misconceptions about the nature of the offer, the nature of the points, I think Steven misunderstood a lot of the points,” Boreing said.

The Daily Wire co-founder said his company was making a massive investment by offering him a contract and addressed some of the concerns laid out, like demonization.

Boreing called Crowder "one of the most entertaining and talented people in the conservative moment" but criticised him for making it seem as though he built his career by himself.

"Steven has never had to create the company that actually distributes, markets, and monetized all that content," Boreing said. "He talks in his video about being one of the only true independent conservative voices and I find that incredibly offensive."

He added, "Steven, the whole time I've known him, has worked for someone else, has been paid by someone else."

Shapiro voiced his support for Boreing on Twitter by tweeting a link to the video and saying, "Watch Jeremy's video, in which he reads word-for-word the entire non-binding term sheet DW+ offered my friend Steven Crowder ($50M over 4 years), explains every contract term, and encourages people to subscribe to whatever Steven does next. We all wish him nothing but the best."

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