Ben Shephard roasted by Susanna Reid for unfortunate ‘nipples’ gaffe live on GMB

Ben Shephard roasted by Susanna Reid for unfortunate ‘nipples’ gaffe live on GMB

The hosts of Good Morning Britain were left speechless today thanks to an unfortunate slip of the tongue by Ben Shephard.

Shephard, 46, has stepped in to fill the shoes of Piers Morgan following his sudden exit from the ITV breakfast show.

But while Morgan was well known for raising eyebrows on GMB, Shephard’s run on the programme has been relatively low-key… That is, until this morning’s blunder which saw him allegedly confuse “nostrils” with “nipples”.

Co-anchor Susanna Reid was wearing a bright emerald dress for the live broadcast which, the hosts pointed out, could be digitally altered using green screen technology.

The GMB producers then used the tool to transform Reid’s outfit into a pattern entirely made up of photos of Shephard’s face.

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“I’m fully clad in Ben Shephard. I actually quite like that look,” she commented.

Then, launching into his own assessment of the creation, the outfit’s muse said: “My nipples are…”

Realising that “nipples” was not the word he was looking for, Shephard immediately trailed off, but Reid’s jaw had already dropped.

“What?” she and colleague Ranvir Singh gasped incredulously, as Shephard winced with embarrassment.

GMB medic Dr Hilary Jones then joked: “We’ve got some surface anatomy revision going on this morning.”

Shephard then began a desperate self-defence, insisting he had meant to say “nostrils”, while Singh was filmed doubled-over with laughter.

“Did your inner thoughts come out on national television to millions there, Ben Shephard?” Reid teased.

“I think that’s called a Freudian slip,” Dr Hilary then joked.

“I meant nostrils! They’re very easily confused,” Shephard protested.

But a deadpan Reid replied simply: “Nobody’s thinking nostrils anymore.”

The clip, posted on the show’s official Twitter account, has been viewed more than 23,000 times in just four hours, as fans delighted in the mishap.

“Ben Shephard, you owe me a coffee, that gaff made me spray mine all over my floor,” tweeted one user.

“Omg I love love Ben Shepherd [sic]! Please please keep him on he makes the show! So many qualities, charming, handsome, kind, polite, courteous, let’s people speak,” commented another.

While another wrote: “First time I have a belly laugh since Piers Morgan left the building.”

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