Barely a week goes by where we don't cover a completely implausible conspiracy theory but this might be the strangest yet.

A former drummer for Beyoncé is claiming that the internationally renowned singer practices "extreme witchcraft" and is attempting to file a restraining order.

Kimberly Thompson, who was in Bey's band for seven years, has stated in court document's, obtained by The Blast, that the superstar uses 'spells to run surveillance on her and control her finances'.

In a restraining order which has already been rejected by a judge, Thompson adds that Beyoncé had cast 'magic spells of sexual molestation' and also 'murdered her kitten'.

On top of that, she has also said that Beyoncé is responsible for her exhaustion, unemployment, house theft and has been 'taping her phone calls'.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest why the 'Lemonade' would allegedly be doing this to Thompson, nor does she herself offer any logical reason behind it, but she's certain the 37-year-old star is responsible.

Needless to say, this is a very strange story and we're just going to leave it to the Internet to voice their opinion on the matter.

Most people seem pretty happy about it, to be honest.

Others seem certain that Beyonce uses witchcraft and we can't tell if they are joking or not.

In a now-deleted video that Thompson posted on her YouTube, the musician talks about "mean" people, but appears to be in a state of disarray and confusion, and there is probably a more important point to be said here about someone's overall well being.

Internet conspiracy theories about Beyoncé's fondness of the occult and witchcraft have circulated online for a number of years, mostly because of some symbolism and depictions of West African deities used in her work.

Beyonce is yet to respond to the accusations.

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