5 books Bill Gates thinks you should read over the holidays

5 books Bill Gates thinks you should read over the holidays
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Whether you’re hunting for a thoughtful Christmas gift for a loved one, or in desperate need of something to distract from the family during the holidays, we think we've got the perfect solution for you.

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover and any recommendations for a good read is always appreciated.

But when that recommendation comes from the likes of Bill Gates it's certainly worth paying attention.

So here are Gates' top recommendations:

1. String Theory, by David Foster Wallace

This book is a collection of five essays Wallace has penned about tennis, and Gates says you don’t need to play, or even watch the sport to love the book.

You know tennis is kind of amazing. There’s interesting personalities and incredible play. If you’re going to read one tennis book, this is probably the best.

Gates says he's a passionate player himself, and here's the proof:

2. Shoe dog, by Phil Knight

This memoir by the co-founder of Nike is “well written” and “amazingly honest,” according to Gates. He also says Knight is quiet and difficult to get to know in person, but that he really opens up about the business’ journey in this book.

3. The gene, by Siddhartha Mukherjee

Gates says:

Doctors are deemed a “triple threat” when they take care of patients, teach medical students, and conduct research. Mukherjee, who does all of these things at Columbia University, is a “quadruple threat,” because he’s also a Pulitzer Prize– winning author.

The book opens up genome science, and the ethical questions it raises, to a wider audience.

4. The Myth of the Strong Leader, by Archie Brown

Brown looks at what it means to be a strong leader, observing pertinent examples throughout history. It was published last year but has taken on a new significance after the events of 2016.

5. The grid, by Gretchen Blake

In this book, Blake discusses the history of America's electrical grid – which Gates calls one of the greatest engineering wonders of the modern world - and how it was built up.

You can hear more about Gates' picks right here:

There's plenty of time yet to hit up your local bookshop.

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