Comedian Bill Maher under fire for making transphobic jokes about Caitlyn Jenner

Comedian Bill Maher under fire for making transphobic jokes about Caitlyn Jenner
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Comedian, Bill Maher has been criticised for making transphobic jokes about Caitlyn Jenner on his HBO show, after Jenner announced she was running to become California’s next governor.

Jenner has been widely criticised for being a high-profile longtime Republican and previously a Donald Trump supporter, whose administration invoked anti-trans policies while in office.

While you may not agree with her views, there is simply no justification for Maher to use this news as an opportunity to hurl disgusting transphobic jokes at her.

In his monologue, Maher said:

“How about this for news: Caitlyn Jenner is running for governor. I know you think of her as a reality-show star, but come on, people change.

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“She is trans, rested, and ready. She’s got a great slogan: take the ‘sack’ out of Sacramento.”

The ‘Real Time’ host then went in on Jenner’s Republican views:

“I love that about her. Wasn’t always sure about the man-woman thing, but low capital-gains taxes, born that way!” Maher joked.

He added: “And a lot of people, of course, are saying, ‘Isn’t it strange for a trans woman to be in a party that is passing anti-trans laws all over the country?’ And Caitlyn said, ‘Yeah, I get that. It’s just something about being in a party that doesn’t respect me that makes me feel like I’m home with the Kardashians.” 

People on social media were also just as disgusted with his transphobic comments.

It’s also not the first time that Maher has made transphobic comments about Jenner, in 2017 he said: “Bruce Jenner was an idiot. Adding tits didn’t make him a genius.”

And disgusting transphobic jokes certainly don’t make you a funny comedian, Bill.

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