Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is creating the best memes on the internet

A late Christmas present arrived on Saturday morning courtesy of Netflix, as the special Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch arrived on the streaming service.

Unlike most episodes of Black Mirror,where we're given dystopian visions of technology and how it is consuming our lives for the worse, this new iteration of the series puts the technology in the viewer's hands.

Much like those Goosebumps books where you could choose what happens next, viewers are allowed to choose the fate of the lead character, a computer programmer played by Fionn Whitehead.

Each decision that you make, ranging from what cereal he eats to who he murders, alters the ending of the film, with five different conclusions said to be possible.

Whether you've watched Bandersnatch yet or not, you can imagine that being constantly posed with these life-changing decisions would do something to a person.

For those that have watched it, these conundrums and decisions have clearly been a bit too much to take and they have manifested themselves in the only way that's acceptable - memes.

Others appear to be revelling in the power that has been bestowed upon them.

Even Netflix and stars of the film are getting in on the fun.

Seriously though... What are you trying to do to us Netflix?

Still, this has got nothing on all those hours that children of the 80s wasted playing Dungeons & Dragons.

HT The Daily Dot

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