Kendrick Lamar performs at Super Bowl halftime show

He’s one of the most influential rappers of his generation, with a string of acclaimed albums to his name, but a new video is making people take a fresh look at Kendrick Lamar.

While the musician already has a pretty stellar reputation, the clip is making people realise he’s even better than we thought.

The viral footage in question comes from Dissect Podcast, which takes a forensic look at a wide range of musical albums.

The clip takes a closer look at his song Nosetalgia with Pusha T, released back in 2014.

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His verse on the track focuses on his childhood in Compton during the crack epidemic, and features using lines that feature the numbers nine and 10.

It turns out when you add up all the nines and 10s in the song, you get 87 - the year Kendrick was born.

“The hidden sum being his birth year ties into the verse’s childhood theme,” the voiceover says.

As it explains, the rapper also uses three nines and six 10. The lyrics also reference a “zip”, with a “zip” of cocaine equalling an ounce and 36 ounces equalling a 'brick'.

A brick is then referenced in the final verse.

“Kendrick calls himself ‘dope’, equating the value of his verse to a brick of cocaine,” the voiceover says.

Is Kendrick even better than we thought?Getty

“But he also says ‘go figure’ and he’s serious," it continues. :Nosetalgia is divided perfectly in half to the second. Pusha T has one half which contains one verse and Kendrick has the other half which contains one verse.

“Can you guess how many bars there are in each half of the song? 36. Just like Kendrick said, every verse is a brick.”

Fans were in awe of Kendrick after seeing the video, with one social media user writing: "No rapper alive can compete with Kendrick Lamar's Artistry…"

"Dude just played sudoku on a verse and we never realized," another joked.

"I’ve listened to this verse countless times and I never knew it was this creative! Wow," one more said.

The clip features the caption: “Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper alive.”

On this evidence, you wouldn’t disagree.

Since first releasing his debut album Section.80 in 2011, the rapper has made his name with the releases Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, To Pimp A Butterfly, Damn and the Black Panther soundtrack album.

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