Netflix had the perfect response to some who questioned Brie Larson's directing skills

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If you follow any of Netflix's many, many Twitter accounts you will realise that they aren't your average corporate account and don't mind dishing out the memes and sass when needed.

Rather than idly promoting their movies with a series of soulless tweets, they are more than happy to call out trolls who question the talents of some of their stars.

This happened very recently when someone questioned the directing credentials of Captain Marvel star Brie Larson, who is getting behind the camera for the first time when she directs her debut feature Unicorn Store.

Regardless of what you think about the trailer or whether you want to see the film or not, the majority of people would probably find something to celebrate about this.

After all, Larson is just 29-years-old and has already won several major awards and is more than deserving of having a crack at her own film.

Yet one troll, in a since-deleted tweet, dared to suggest that this film was only being released because Larson was riding the 'Captain Marvel wave' and hadn't taken notes from the likes of Scorsese, like Jonah Hill had for his first film Mid90s.

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The first mistake this guy made was to question the talents of Larson. The second was to reply to a Netflix tweet with this type of criticism.

What followed was Netflix completely shutting him down by listing all of Larson's achievements and credits which more than proved that she was capable of directing her own movie.

Considering the guy deleted the tweet, we'd presume that he got the message but it wasn't over for him there as Brie Larson also retweeted Netflix's perfect comeback.

Needless to say, people were absolutely loving the shade that they had just seen thrown all over this guys tweet.

However, not everyone was convinced that Netflix responding to a user with just over 300 followers in such a manner was the best approach for them to take.

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