Brooke Shields wants women her age to be confident in their own skin but she knows first hand how diffcult that can be.

The 55-year-old actress and model recently opened up to PEOPLE about finally embracing her body after years of trying “not to think about it”.

Speaking about her early modelling days, she revealed:

I was a model – mostly covers – so it was sort of neck up. All about the face and eyebrows. My way of approaching the subject [of my body] was just not to think about it.

So until very recently, she said she opted to cover it up instead:

I was wearing those big bathing suits that had as much fabric as possible.

But it was Shields’ daughters who helped her see that she shouldn’t have to cover up.

She recalled:

My daughters were like, ‘Mom, it’s ridiculous.’ It was sort of seeing myself through their eyes and just celebrating things like my butt. Things I just would never want to focus on in my life. Being 55 and saying ‘Wait a minute, women over 50 are not done.'

If you’re that age, especially if you are an actress, it’s like ‘you’ve had your career, relax,’ but I think I’m just starting.

Shields added that she’s “learning” how to love her body more and more each day:

My daughters say I’m curvy... I watch them celebrate it. I’m learning from them and they always say you’re better off with something that shows your body rather than a muumuu.

What a great message.

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