BTS army rages at ‘Scammys’ after group’s Grammy defeat

BTS army rages at ‘Scammys’ after group’s Grammy defeat

BTS fans have declared their idols the “true winners” at Sunday’s Grammy awards after the group lost out to Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

This year marked the South Korean superstars’ first-ever Grammy nomination: for “best pop duo/group performance” for their hit single ‘Dynamite’.

The seven-man band delighted audiences around the world with their elaborate rendition of the track, which saw them sing and dance their way through a recreation of the LA-based ceremony’s set before ending up on a roof-top overlooking the Seoul skyline.

However, the impressive display was not enough to secure them the iconic gramophone statuette, which Grande and Gaga took home for their Billboard chart-topping collaboration ‘Rain on Me’.

BTS fans – known as the “army” – responded with a rain of fury and the all-caps hashtag “#BTSDESERVEDTHEGRAMMY”.

A whole infantry of Twitter users accused the award’s jury of foul play for failing to recognise the K Pop heartthrobs’ achievements.

A number of fans compared data on the nominees in the pop performance category, showing Dynamite notably ahead in the number of Spotify streams, YouTube views, and Shazam listens.

“Dynamite is better in every aspect... How the hell did Rain on Me win?” tweeted one indignant supporter alongside the hashtag “scammys”.

Others claimed that while they were fans of Gaga and Grande, they still found the decision totally unjust.

“Just talking about the performance, how did THE Dynamite just lost against Rain on me.

“PS: I have nothing against Ariana, I love her music but how even…”

Another user put out an impassioned statement, saying: “The issue here isn’t Ariana and Gaga winning. The real issue is the Grammys using BTS’s popularity for an audience.

“Dynamite realistically did way better on the charts. They deserved the awards and to say any artist worked harder or less is disrespectful.”

The author continued: “Ariana and Gaga are not the problem because these two artists I’m pretty sure also support BTS. They are extremely talented and I applaud them.

“The fault lies in the Grammys and the way they outwardly have invited BTS purely for their audience. If you are going to do that at least award them the Grammy they deserve.

The statement ends: “The Grammys are the Scammys and today was very disappointing for every fan who only wants to make their artist feel loved and accepted in America.”

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