There are few things that make conservative pundits more flustered than women taking control of their sexuality – and this type of controversy seems to have been embodied by Cardi B’s hit “WAP”.

When the song was released last summer, it was an explosive moment as it topped the charts for three weeks. It also, of course, received backlash from many on the right – notably Ben Shapiro whose recitation of the lyrics instantly turned into a meme.

After a (heavily-redacted) performance of the song at the Grammys last weekend, the song once again made headlines over on Fox News, leading to a long feud between Cardi B herself and conservative pundit Candace Owens that came to a dramatic end.

Here’s everything that happened:

Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion’s Grammys rendition of “WAP”on Sunday, which is about women’s sexual arousal, was their first live performance on the song.

Owens, a MAGA-supporter and highly-conservative commentator, appeared on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" the next day calling the performance "an attack on American values." She added that the performers were "actively trying to make children aspire to things that are grotesque."

The commentator also said the song pointed to the "weakening of American society" and would be the "end of an empire." Ok?

Cardi responded jokingly on Tuesday. "Wow," she tweeted. "Imagine if 'WAP' caused the downfall of the American empire and not North Korea bomb threats, terrorism, racism, or bad government?!! THAT WOULD BE SO ICONIC!!!"

The Twitter feud only escalated from there, as Owens tweeted that she was unhappy that Cardi was "encourag[ing] young women to strip themselves of dignity."

The rapper, in a now deleted tweet, seemed to try and put the debacle to rest: "Anyways congrats on your new show," she said, referencing Owens' new talk show on the ultra-conservative website The Daily Wire. "I hope you speak more about WAP... any exposure will help".

The argument went back and forth, with Cardi posting a photograph of a naked Melania Trump – now deleted – saying this is what had inspired her, writing: “She showed me I can be naked perform wap and still be a First Lady one day ! ….wait so only White women can be naked and show their sexuality and evolve in their 30s but I can’t”.

The feud took a dramatic turn, however, when Cardi shared a doctored screenshot that claimed to show Owens tweeting that her husband cheated on her with her own brother. The screenshot was fake, according to Snopes.

This led to the women threatening to sue each other – and Owens shifted to Instagram where she posted a 13-minute long video about it.

Cardi posted a final simple message on Twitter “Say less” with a winking face and has deleted most of her tweets on the issue. That seems to be about the end of it… for now.

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