Dakota Johnson reveals what she was really doing in that Jolie-Aniston Golden Globes photo

Jimmy Fallon Show screengrab

Do you remember when Angelina Jolie supposedly ignored Jennifer Aniston while she was on stage at the Golden Globes earlier this month?

And do you remember how Dakota Johnson, who was sat at Jolie's table, supposedly gave her the side-eye?

Here, let us remind you:

The photo blew up online and its popularity demonstrated that Brad Pitt, Aniston and Jolie's public drama was very much still potent in the minds of the people.

And we all thought that Dakota Johnson, star of the Fifty Shades series, was one of those people.

But her appearance on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show has burst a few Hollywood drama bubbles as she revealed that the truth is in fact much more innocent.

Truthfully, I don’t think I was actually looking at her.

There was a table of kids. The Stranger Things table. And I really love Stranger Things so much. Like so much. So, I tried to send my friend [a sneaky picture] at the Golden Globes.

I was trying to take a video of these kids – I was zooming in.

Picture:Picture: Giphy

And even if she was giving Jolie the side-eye – which she says she wasn't and we totally, totally believe her – she says she wasn't the only one doing do...

So is Armie’s wife. I’m not the only one. Elizabeth is very blatantly looking at her. I was trying to be sly about it.

We believe you, Dakota.

You can watch the entire episode below:

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