Hugh Jackman comments on "mysterious" Deadpool 3 release date fact

Hugh Jackman comments on "mysterious" Deadpool 3 release date fact
'Deadpool 3' First Look: Hugh Jackman Sports a Yellow Wolverine Costume | …
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After much delay, thanks to the SAG-AFTRA strike, one of the biggest movies impacted by the action, Deadpool 3, has finally confirmed its release date which features a subtle dig at Hugh Jackman.

The hotly anticipated return of the 'Merc with a Mouth' will be the character's first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will see Reynolds reprise the role, with Hugh Jackman, also returning to the role that made him famous, Wolverine.

Reynolds cryptically confirmed the news that the movie will be released on July 26th 2024 with a post on X/Twitter containing a GIF from the first film, released back in 2016.

The post didn't feature much information beyond that. In fact, it barely featured any letters at all and mostly consisted of a skull, poo and several crossed sword emojis which if you squint spell out Deadpool.

We'll leave it to your imagination what the crossed swords emojis are supposed to represent...

However, eagled-eyed fans noticed something familiar with the release date which Reynolds seemingly confirmed by retweeting one post which pointed out that it has the exact same release as the 2013 film TheWolverine.

This also prompted a response from Jackman, with the Australian star writing: "Release dates work in mysterious ways."

Deadpool 3 will actually be the new MCU film to be released with the latest The Marvels hitting cinemas this week to mixed reviews.

It will be the penultimate film in Marvels phase five which will be rounded out by Captain America: Brave New World which is set for a February 2025 release.

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