This deleted Mean Girls scene could prove Cady was a sabotaging genius

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This deleted Mean Girls scene possibly reveals that Cady was cannier than any of us believed.

The short scene from the 2004 movie flashed up in the official Mean Girls trailer but was left on the cutting room floor in the final edit.

For those unversed in Mean Girls, what follows may make little sense. The crib sheet version is that Cady (Lindsay Lohan) is trying to take down popularity queen, Regina (Rachel McAdams), and is resorting to Nixon-esque dirty tricks.

In the scene, presumably during the war on Regina George section of the film, Cady makes a sneaky attempt to humiliate Regina in the cafeteria.

However, in this deleted scene, the prank goes awry.

Perhaps it was cut because it did nothing to remove any of Regina's power bases which Janice had previously identified.


Using state of the art gut instinct, indy100 has a theory:

It was always meant to be a prank on Karen (Amanda Seyfried) - but is made to look doubly accidental.

That way, mean spirited Regina would laugh at her in public, and drive a wedge between the two (and therefore demobbing Regina's 'army of skanks').

Or maybe it was just a fail safe built into the prank, either way, we Mean Girls Truthers will show you all.

In a blooper reel, also released online, Lohan uses the opportunity of covering Seyfried in messy food in this scene.

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