Disney fans shocked after spotting apparent depiction of sexual assault in Hercules

Disney fans shocked after spotting apparent depiction of sexual assault in Hercules

A scene from Disney’s classic 1997 animation Hercules has raised eyebrows amongst fans after an apparent hidden detail emerged that paints part of the film in a whole new light.

Those familiar with Disney’s unique take on Greek mythology will be well aware of the moment that Megara (voiced by Susan Egan) has to give herself a reality check after she starts to have feelings for the heroic Hercules.

She does this by singing the iconic tune ‘I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)’ in a Greek courtyard, surrounded by statues depicting moments and figures from Greek lore.

At first glance, the scene appears rather innocent. But TikTok user @elldramaticaromantic noticed something far more sinister going on in one frame after she studied some of the statues.

She says: “Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, hold on... So I never noticed this before, but in Hercules, in the part where she sings I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) there’s a part where she says ‘I thought my heart had learned its lesson’ and the statues that she passes by, these aren’t love scenes.

“These are assault scenes from Greek mythology, like no wonder she’s trying to be cautious!”

The statues do appear to show scenes that depict assault, as the women in the artwork are actually trying to get away from the men who are using force to restrain them.

The TikTok clip has been viewed more than 500, 000 times already with many other users equally shocked at this revelation.

“It’s kinda interesting how from far away they look like they could be love scenes but if you look closer they’re clearly not,” one comment observed.

“Not to mention they more likely show parts of what could be close to what happened to Meg,” another quipped.

One commenter noted that these are apparently based on real statues and stories. “They’re also all based off of real statues! One with Aphrodite and Pan, Nessus and Deianira and the last possibly Nymph and Satyr.”

This is just another example of one of your favourite childhood films apparently being less innocent than you first suspected. Recently a scene from Shrek revealed an NSFW detail that ruined the film for many fans.

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