Drew Barrymore says she'll 'never forgive herself' for drinking too much during this TV interview

Drew Barrymore has a new talk show, which is exciting.

But taking on the new role of host has made her reflect on times she’s been a guest on other people’s shows.

In particular, a 2018 appearance onWatch What Happens Live, hosted Andy Cohen, has been playing on her mind. In a clip from her upcoming talk show, she tells Cohen how much she regrets drinking too much the last time she appeared on his show, Peoplereports.

In the clip, she says:

It was on your show, and I drank too much and I have never forgiven myself, nor will I ever forgive myself.

During Barrymore’s last appearance on Watch What Happens Live, with her Santa Clarita Diet co-star Timothy Olyphant, some fans noticed that she appeared to be drunk and posted about it on social media. “Drew is so drunk lol,” one wrote, while another added: “She’s clearly drunk and I’m living for it.”

Barrymore admitted she’s an “imperfect person” who slipped up on the show, saying:

I tout that, and I’ve had that liberty since I was a kid because it was all out there.

And it was either ‘boo-hoo about it’ or say, ‘God, it’s sort of redeeming to not have to pretend to be perfect.’ But I really want to apologise to you because I really, I just, I will never let that happen again. I’m so sorry.

Thankfully, Cohen really didn’t think it was a big deal. After all, Watch What Happens Live is hosted in a clubhouse with a bar, where guests are served drinks. He said:

I’m used to people being over-served on my show, and so I don’t even really have a totally clear memory of it.

But you don’t need to apologise to me for being over-served on my show, that happens. You’re in a great club of people.

According to its official description, The Drew Barrymore Showis about “optimism TV, bringing information, inspiration, and entertainment … celebrating every part of humanity along the way.”

And judging by this tale, we’re presuming that means a martini or two.

H/T: Decider

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