Phil Mitchell saying 'eh' to the EastEnders theme tune for 35 seconds straight will make your day

Whether you’re a seasoned EastEnders aficionado, you occasionally dip into the show or if you’ve never seen an episode in your life, you will recognise the name Phil Mitchell.

The character, played by Steve McFadden has been part of the fabric of the BBC show since 1990 – a whopping 29 years.

With that in mind, a fan of the dodgy-Dave type character decided to create a video collecting him saying, “eh?” – very much a Phil-ism – to the tune of the EastEnders theme song.

Sometimes the internet is a pure, pure place.

The mashup was posted by Twitter user @cxrlaconnor and pretty much took off. The user captioned it:

phil mitchell saying “eh” to the tune of the eastenders theme is one of my favourite videos to ever exist


People found it to be stupidly, irrevocably hilarious.

And they were impressed with the artistry.

Phil has "a broad range of eh."

Even people who don't watch the show loved the video.


Comedy gold.

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