New Ellen show 'perks' for staff have sparked a discussion about working conditions

Staff on The Ellen DeGeneres Show are now entitled to additional 'perks' like a week's holiday and time off for doctor's appointments – begging the question, what exactly were the perks to begin with?

Following allegations of workplace bullying and harassment among staff, the show is undergoing some changes. According to Variety, Ellen staff will now be entitled to a day off on their birthday, five days of paid leave and time off for doctor's appointments and family matters.

Concerns about Ellen's policy on medical leave were raised in Buzzfeed's expose of the show which drew widespread attention to the 'toxic workplace' allegations.

One former employee alleged that her position was terminated after she took a month of medical leave to check into a mental health facility, while another claimed they had to start a GoFundMe to try to cover medical costs not included in their company's health insurance.

Some of the allegations were denied by producers, but an investigation was launched by Warner Media and three top producers have since been let go. DeGeneres has also apologised to staff, writing in an internal email that's she's "sorry" and "committed to ensuring this does not happen again".

But changes made to staff policy were criticised for appearing to be a little lacklustre.

Is paid leave for doctor's appointments really a 'perk'?

And even if Ellen wouldn't describe the changes they're making in this way, can they really not allow their staff to take more than a week's break?

To put these new policies into perspective, people compared them to those at their own jobs.

Brits were especially bemused by the lack of paid holiday.

Staff aren't legally entitled to any paid holiday at all in the US.

But still, five days seems like the bare minimum for a show which encourages everyone to "be kind to one another".

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