People think Ellie Goulding just told Jess Glynne to 'shut up' and they're wondering why

Jess Glynne and Ellie Goulding are people you probably don’t think about very often.

Their songs are mostly played in places like nightclubs which let women in for free, the food courts of shopping centres and in our nightmares.

But now people are speculating whether there’s beef between the two British musicians because of a shady tweet that Goulding liked. Oh the drama!

So what happened?

Jess Glynne got herself into a spot of bother this week after complaining about a seafood restaurant called Sexy Fish turning her away because she was dressed in a hoodie and sweats. She said it was “discrimination” to turn her away, which people found pretty offensive because, while embarrassing, it’s not exactly a form of discrimination.

Anyway, thousands of memes flooded Twitter mocking the singer for her incandescent outrage at being turned away. It was quite funny.

Where does Ellie Goulding come into it?

Essentially people have been speculating on the alleged beef because Goulding liked a tweet which urged Glynne to “shut up”...

Lots of people have noticed her liking this tweet, but Goulding still hasn’t un-liked it, so it feels like there could be something there…

People have been speculating on what could be behind the beef.

We reached out to reps for Ellie Goulding to ask what’s up, and if she responds we’ll be sure to let you know.

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