SNL confirming Elon Musk as a host draws a mixed response

SNL confirming Elon Musk as a host draws a mixed response
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SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been announced as the host of Saturday Night Live on 8th May but not everyone is eager to see the South African entrepreneur front the show.

Musk will be appearing alongside musician Miley Cyrus on the show in two weeks time and given his antics on Twitter, shouldn’t come as a huge shock to anyone.

Unlike his equivalents such Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, Musk has developed an unusual persona for himself on social media, where can often be found posting memes. He has also dipped into the world of conspiracy theories about the Covid pandemic too.

The 49-year-old has also made cameos in numerous TV shows and movies so is used to the camera being on him.

That being said some of Musk’s escapades on Twitter and on various podcasts has sometimes landed the billionaire in trouble with investors of his various tech firms.

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Musk is certainly a left-field choice for the SNL gig but the overwhelming reaction to the announcement was negative as many feel that the host of the show should have another talent other than just being rich.

Of course, there were much criticism and jokes as a result of the announcement which SNL shared on Twitter.

Others were more enthusiastic and thought it might be a good idea.

Musk’s only response to the news was to tweet ‘let’s find out how live Saturday Night Live really is.’

Musk would hardly be the first controversial host of SNL. Donald Trump hosted the show in 2015 before he was elected as president and actor Steven Seagal was banned from the show for his behaviour towards the cast after hosting in 1991.

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