Even the Labour press team has an opinion on Kanye West's new album

Ah, Kanye West. Even Yeezus' most loyal disciples have to admit he doesn't exactly come across as, well, approachable:

The artist has been making waves lately because of controversial comments on Bill Cosby, Taylor Swift and ex-girlfriend Amber Rose - not to mention the release of much-hyped, delayed and thrice-renamed seventh album, The Life of Pablo.

Ye has his detractors, of course. Grime producer and DJ Sir Pixalot wasn't that impressed by his latest offering:

Everyone has an opinion on Yeezy, positive or negative - but what we weren't expecting was for the Labour Party's press team to get involved, retweeting Sir Pixalot's question:

Anyway. It probably wasn't Guardian journalist Seumas Milne, currently on loan as Jeremy Corbyn's head of communications, who retweeted Sir Pixalot's thoughts on Yeezy's world domination.

Retweets do not necessarily equal endorsements, as any politico's Twitter bio will tell you.

But isn't it marvellous to know we live in a world where that's possible?

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