People think the Simpsons predicted the Fortnite black hole

People think the Simpsons predicted the Fortnite black hole

The Simpsons has it’s developed a bit of a reputation as a Nostradamus – and now the show’s been linked to the recent Fortnite black hole event.

We admit, this one’s a bit of a stretch.

Fortnite’s tenth season has come to an end, much to the dismay of gamers all around the world who eagerly await the new season.

Fortnite has been destroyed by a huge asteroid, and it was replaced by a black hole.

The in-game event wiped out the entire map and meant that millions of players were unable to get into the game at all.

Well, it turns out The Simpsons, in their infinite wisdom, predicted the cataclysmic events. Sort of.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote:

Can we all just take a moment…The Simpsons even managed to predict the end of #fortnite Shook.

The person uploaded a picture from The Simpsons episode in which the family’s television was left with a black hole.

In the episode, Springfield eventually gets sucked into a black hole.

The theory swiftly took flight.

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