The foul-mouthed and unapologetic Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle has painted a hilarious but absolutely brutal picture of Boris Johnson as part of his latest televised stand-up special.

Frankie Boyle Live: Excited for You to See and Hate This​ was filmed during his first tour of Scotland in 12 years, which took place in 2019 (just in case you were concerned about social distancing).

In the 45 minute show, he covered a variety of subjects including other comedians and bizarrely, elevators.

However, the best material probably came from his comments on the current state of British politics.

He gave a pretty blunt assessment of Brexit ("Imagine what it’s like being an immigrant in Britain ..., being told you need to integrate more by people who spend their holidays pointing at pictures of egg and chips on the menu" and: "There will be upsides to Brexit; the Irish can watch a British famine") and Theresa May ("all the authority of the “Do Not Tumble Dry’ label") but was almost unreserved in his criticism of Boris Johnson.

So, now we've got Boris Johnson an evolutionary dead-end of the Honey Monster. A bin bag of albino body parts. A cross between the Incredible Hulk and a Haribo fried egg is the f**king prime minister. The prime minister! It's not that he's the worst person for the job, he might be the worst mammal.

He then went on to suggest that the reason the Cabinet don't always get along is because of the public school system and several jokes that we couldn't possibly publish here, however, feel free to watch it in the video below at your own discretion.

Needless to say, people thought Boyle's brutal description of the prime minister was absolutely hilarious and we'll no doubt be hearing his described as 'a Haribo fried egg' a lot more in the future.

Boyle wasn't done there though and also had Johnson's colleagues Michael Gove and Jacob Rees-Mogg in his crosshairs.

[Rees-Mogg] So weird and elongated, like his mum was too posh to dilate. He looks like he owns the laboratory that Michael Gove escaped from.

Incidentally, today marks exactly one year since Boris Johnson became prime minister. Just imagine what Boyle would be saying about him now.

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