Frankie Boyle enrages right-wingers with 'woke' show lambasting Tory government

Frankie Boyle enrages right-wingers with 'woke' show lambasting Tory government

Is it really a Frankie Boyle show if there isn’t some controversy?

The latest episode of the comedian’s series, Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, aired last night – naturally, the series sparked a conversation while viewers are divided.

In the episode, Boyle uses his classic spiky comedy to criticise various topics including the government’s response to the coronavirus.

Boyle took aim at Priti Patel in one of his scathing jokes, saying that she is the “one woman in Britain who can orgasm by imagining a slow puncture at sea.”

On the subject of Keir Starmer, Boyle said that he "looks like someone playing the prime minister in an old Spice Girls video."

Some fans praised the series and Boyle for his no-nonsense approach to criticising the government.

While his detractors thought he wasn’t funny at all and accused him of becoming "woke".

Boyle’s takedown of those in power was inspiring to some.

And the fact that it was almost exclusively white people who were mad about the whole thing wasn’t lost on people.

Which only proved that Boyle is exposing who the real snowflakes are.

Even those who didn’t watch the show had something to say – Boyle's reach goes far.

If there is one thing the series has succeeded in, it’s that a lot of people are talking about it.

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