Game of Thrones’ latest Daenerys twist has divided opinion but at least the memes were on fire

Game of Thrones’ latest Daenerys twist has divided opinion but at least the memes were on fire

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones – season eight, episode five. A lot of them.

People were not ready for season eight’s shocking penultimate episode.

After weeks of build-up, the battle of King’s Landing took a very dark turn as Daenerys Targaryen transformed into the Mad Queen.

The episode’s biggest talking point by far was her decision to ignore King’s Landing’s surrender by ringing the city’s bell and torch thousands of innocent people with the help of her trusty dragon.

And although the decision divided opinion, it produced a tonne of red-hot memes.

The character’s shift towards evil left some fans shocked and sent Daenerys supporters into a meltdown.

If only there was some way they could have seen this coming…

The showrunners seem to have been planning it for a while as well.

Remember Daenerys’ vision from season two?

Most people thought it was snow that was covering King’s Landing, but now it looks like it could be ash…

Maybe Bran should have used his all-seeing powers to warn people this was going to happen…

At least some people enjoyed the twist - like actress Mindy Kaling, who was unapologetically ready for the drama.

Not everything about the episode was controversial though.

Fans were happy Tyrion and Jamie got to say a proper goodbye to each other.

And people were satisfied that the Hound finally got to take out the Mountain.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff.

At the end of it all, we’re probably going to look back on this season and wonder if it made any sense.

Season eight has had the feel of a show that’s being made-up on the spot at times...

And you shouldn’t expect things to calm down next week because there’s still a lot of plot to tie up in the final episode.

Somehow, it seems unlikely that they’re going to pull this off…

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