Millions of fans have spent the last weeks binge-watching the fourth season of The Crown.

Given that there are 10 one-hour long episodes in this season, you'd be forgiven if you haven't made your way through it yet.

Thankfully, a comedian has gone about summarising it all into a hilarious two-minute video.

Liz Hynes, a writer on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, shared a hilarious 'recreation' of this season of The Crown on her Twitter.

In the clip, Hynes wears a variety of different wigs and headwear to imitate various characters.

During the video, Hynes mainly mocks Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of Princess Margaret and Gillian Anderson's Margaret Thatcher.

It begins with 'Princess Margaret', and proceeds with a perfect impression of Thatcher's famous drawl.

Hynes jokes:

“I'm very excited to get to work, slaughtering the poor.”

Then she remarks: "Women are not suited to high office because... women be shopping."

Princess Margaret appears, once again. Referencing a scene in the fourth season, she also impersonates Princess Margaret insulting Thatcher.

She jokes:

“You're an idiot and you're poor and you're ugly and I hate you.”

It's a pretty good impression if you ask us.

Hynes had previously recreated the third season too.

In that video, she once again mocks Bonham Carter's portrayal of Princess Margaret.

It perfectly captures the unfiltered persona of the late royal.

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