A writer shared his idea for Home Alone 3 and everyone really wants it to happen
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With Christmas just a few weeks away, people are already queueing up their favourite festive movies.

One of the best and most beloved Christmas films is, of course, Home Alone, which led one person to start brainstorming about what a potential reunion with the McCallister family could look like. It’s been 30 years since Kevin was first tormented by burglars, but fans are clearly still clamouring for more.

In a viral thread, writer and actor Kevin Zak outlines his detailed idea for Home Alone 3, which would involve a 40-year-old Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) and his husband Derek (played by Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy) on a frantic mission to save his mother after she’s kidnapped by Marv and Harry.

Granted, there actually was a third Home Alone film (and Scarlett Johansson was in it) but that’s best buried and erased from our collective memories.

The entire thread is pretty long, but it really is worth it. So much drama!

It isn’t actually that Hollywood loves a good legacy sequel – and they don’t always turn out bad. Blade Runner’s sequel took 35 years to get made, while Mad Max: Fury Road arrived 29 years after Beyond Thunderdome – plus, Fury Road is an Oscar winner!

Zak’s idea is, frankly, perfect and people instantly became desperate for the movie to happen.

Can someone greenlight this already?

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