Jared Leto just accidentally leaked the title of the next 'Tron' film and fans can't believe it

Jared Leto just accidentally leaked the title of the next 'Tron' film and fans can't believe it

Jared Leto appears to have accidentally leaked the name of the latest Tron film.

Leto confirmed his involvement in Tron's third instalment on Twitter, writing:

The fact that I get to be a part of this new chapter is mind-blowing.

The original Tron, a science fiction cult classic in which a programmer becomes trapped inside the software of a computer, was released in 1982.

A sequel, Tron: Legacy, wasn't released until 2010. And now it appears that the franchise's third instalment will be called Tron: Ares.

At least, that's what a tweet that Leto swiftly deleted after posting suggests.

Ares is the ancient Greek god of war. This could be what the title refers to, but then again it might not be...

Very little is known about the latest Tron film for sure. What we do know is that it will star Leto and that Garth Davis is the frontrunner to direct.

It is also likely that the film won't be a continuation of previous films, but a new story with new characters set in the same part of the grid.

Fans are delighted to have received this extra nugget of information.

A third Tron film has been in the works before. Disney cancelled the project in 2015, reportedly because progress on production was slow.

Disney executive Mitchell Leib explained:

Whereas the timing wasn’t right to have done it years ago, I think we feel like the timing is right now and we learned a lot of lessons from that last movie.

He added that the new film has "a really phenomenal script that we’re very excited about".

Tron: Legacy received mix reviews, with some critics writing that its strong visuals failed to compensate for weak characters and plot.

Tron fans hope that this third instalment will finally do justice to the widely acclaimed and popular original.

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