Jason Momoa surprises young Aquaman fan battling a rare form of cancer

Jason Momoa surprises young Aquaman fan battling a rare form of cancer

Hollywood star and Aquaman actor Jason Momoa has surprised a young fan who is battling cancer and is a huge fan of the superhero that Momoa plays on the big screen.

Seven-year-old Danny Sheehan loves the DC Comics hero, who is the ‘King of Atlantis’ and has been played by Momoa since 2016. 

Sheehan went viral a few months ago after a video of him unwrapping an Aquaman figure as a gift became a huge hit due to his sheer enthusiasm for the character.`

Momoa tracked down Sheehan and his family and shared a Facetime conversation with the young fan where he expressed his love of dolphins and a desire to swim with the animals in the future, to which Momoa replied “well, we gotta make that happen.”

In Momoa’s Instagram post, which the star shared on November 18, he asked Warner Bros to send Sheehan an Aquaman trident, the hero's weapon of choice. 

Sure enough, Momoa and Sideshow Collectibles came through for the Sheehan and he received a life-size trident as well as other Aquaman toys on Sunday. 

The gift also came with a special note from Momoa reading ‘Can’t wait to ride dolphins with you Danny! Love, Uncle Aquaman.' As the pictures show, Sheehan’s new Aquaman toy has been accompanying him in the hospital, complete with his own little face mask.

Speaking to Yahoo! Danny’s mum Natalie said that her son was lost for words after getting the trident. 

“Danny was speechless – which for one so talkative, was a true testament to how surprised he was. My reaction was one of sheer delight, surprise and gratitude. Danny had a rough week this week, so it was great to see him so lively and excited,” she said.

In 2017, Sheehan was diagnosed with pineoblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer for which he has just received three weeks of daily radiation therapy. 

The family is now reportedly waiting on news of a compassionate usage of a drug being trialed, having tried all the other forms of therapy available but just by Momoa sharing the video they have been able to make contact with a doctor who is working on the aforementioned drug. 

If you would like to learn more about Sheehan and donate to his battle against cancer please visit the family’s GoFundMe page.

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