Jedward just trolled Trump and Boris Johnson in the most perfect way

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for MTV/Stefan Rousseau/PA

One of the strangest things about 2020, which we can all agree has been a very odd year, is the emergence of Jedward as a force for political good and justice.

The twin brothers from Ireland, real names John and Edward Grimes, whose unique musical stylings shot them to fame on The X Factor in 2009, have taken on the mantle of being generally great on social media and speaking up for noble causes.

For instance, they were spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest in June which made most people do a double-take but were all in favour of them sharing their voice to the movement.

Given that they support Black Lives Matter it won't come as a surprise that they aren't fans of politicians like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson but despite having different political ideologies these four do share something similar: their hair.

Although Johnson and Trump's cuts are different to John and Edward's the colour is the same and when the two world leaders bonnets are caught in a gust of wind they could pass for a 'Poundland Jedward' which the two singers labelled them in a pointed tweet.

Strike this up as another win for Ireland's and maybe the internet's favourite popstars.

This tweet came on the same day that the brothers nominated themselves to be Ireland's EU commissioner after Phil Hogan, the previous man who held the job resigned.

They listed their credentials as meeting the likes of Barack Obama and Enya, getting an A in Civic, Social & Political Education, promoting the use of hand sanitiser long before the pandemic and not playing golf.

We can't vote for them but they have our full support.

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