Jennifer Lawrence hacked again, and it says a lot about Hollywood sexism

Jennifer Lawrence hacked again, and it says a lot about Hollywood sexism

Emails from Jennifer Lawrence and her legal representatives have been released as part of the Sony Pictures hack.

According to the Daily Beast, which has obtained the emails but not published them in full, they show that Sony was trying to pay Lawrence - one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood - less than her male American Hustle co-stars Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner, as well as director David O'Russell.

An email sent to Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal from Andrew Gumpert, president of business affairs at Columbia Pictures, last December said Lawrence's representatives had been in touch to complain about the disparity.

"Got a steve warren/Gretchen [Lawrence's lawyers] rush call that it's unfair the male actors get 9% in the pool and jennifer is only at 7pts [percentage of the profits]," the email reportedly says.

"You may recall Jennifer was at 5 (amy was and is at 7) and WE anted in 2 extra points for Jennifer to get her up to 7. If anyone needs to top jennifer up it's megan. BUT I think amy and Jennifer are tied so upping JL, ups AA."

  • Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle

In the second half of the email, Amy and AA is Amy Adams, and Megan is Megan Ellison, head of co-financer Annapurna pictures.

Pascal reportedly replied with the words "there is truth here". It is unknown how much the actresses were paid in the end.

Sony Pictures has fallen victim to a mass hack by a group referred to as the Guardians of Democracy.

Emails released so far proven incredibly embarrassing for Sony, most notably Pascal and producer Scott Rudin. They have both apologised to anyone offended by any of their remarks.

HT: The Daily Beast

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