Juergen Teller photographed a bunch of celebrities that have inspired some hilarious memes

Juergen Teller photographed a bunch of celebrities that have inspired some hilarious memes

Celebrity photo shoots are usually a pretty complicated affair.

Famous fashion photographer Juergen Teller photographed big names in Hollywood for W Magazine’s Hollywood issue covers – from George Clooney to Riz Ahmed to Tessa Thompson.

Usually, cover photoshoots are a huge deal – and take a massive team of people, hours in makeup and lighting, and several locations. But when the photos from Teller’s shoot started to pop up on the Internet, people were a little confused – but also incredibly amused.

The photos seem to be taken on a phone on a random street near a tree – while all of the actors and actresses seem to be wearing nice clothes, it’s not precisely clear whether there was a huge team or how much went into the shoots themselves.

Riz Ahmed admitted that the photo shoot was one of the fastest in his life - two clicks.

On social media, people have taken to posting memes about the photoshoot.

There was the inevitable Hillary Clinton photographed by Juergen Teller meme – with that infamous photo from her campaign in 2016.

There was a screenshot from Parks and Rec which felt thematically similar.

Some people pointed out that it was another reason why photographers who weren’t as well known needed to be given a chance to take some risks and do something exciting.

There was that iconic video of a lacklustre security guard.

Of course, some people did point out that Juergen Teller’s photography ranges widely – and that maybe the lo-fi, shot on an iPhone aesthetic of the images was a deliberate choice.

A few days after the images were published online,someone had even started a petition to tell fashion magazines to stop hiring Teller – unless he went back to shooting on film. 

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