Rapper Kali sparks debate for not knowing a Ludacris song despite have the same lyrics

Rapper Kali sparks debate for not knowing a Ludacris song despite have the same lyrics
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The rapper Kali, whose song 'Area Codes' is currently a huge hit on Instagram has admitted that she's never heard of the Ludacris song of the same name, which also featured Nate Dogg, despite sharing very similar lyrics.

The 22-year-old's song, which has also been steadily rising on the Billboard Hot 100, was quizzed about the relationship between her song and Ludacris's hit from 2001.

Speaking to Complex Kali, who we should note was still an infant when then original song came out, said: "I didn’t even know there was any connection. Like, I never heard the Ludacris song before. So when people asked me that, I truly didn’t know what they were talking about. It was just super organic.

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"When I hear people saying, ‘Oh, this is a Ludacris homage,’ I’m like, ‘Okay, but I really didn’t know anything about it.’ It was just like I literally felt like I got hoes in different area codes."

For context here are the two songs back-to-back.


When it comes to early 2000s bops, #Kali may not be the best person to ask about the hits! While the rapper is celebrating the success of her first Billboard entry with her song “Area Codes,” it appears she didn’t know about the song of the same title by #Ludacris released decades before hers. 📸:(@gettyimages )

Kali's comments have now sparked a debate about whether she actually knew the song at all.

One person wrote: "I mean that right there is the problem with a lot of these new rappers… how you go in a lane and so called profession and not know of what came before you? And nobody producing the track told her?!?”

Another added: "Kali not knowing about Ludacris’ song “Area Codes” is a crazy indictment. Did she even write her new single?"

A third said: "Lmaoooo I love Kali but come on now, Ludacris’ Area Codes was a hit. I refuse to believe that she never heard it in her life."

However, some have come to her defence citing her age when the song was released and that there are clear differences between the two hits.

One defender said: "I believe her… she’s 2, in music years. How would she know Luda or more importantly Nate Dogg?"

Another wrote: "I used to listen to Ludacris when I was younger and have not heard of this song until now. leave my girl Kali alone."

Some believe a remix of Kali's song would resolve the situation. One fan said: "If Kali doesn’t get Ludacris on the Area Codes 404 Remix my faith in music and humanity will be lost."

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