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Twenty years ago James Cameron's epic Titanichit cinemas, much like the famous iceberg, and fans' hearts have been going on, and on, and on ever since.

Titanic won 11 Academy Awards of the 14 it was nominated for and starred Kate Winslet [Rose DeWitt Bukater] and Leonardo DiCaprio [Jack Dawson]. If you haven't seen it before... (lucky you) the two embark on a romantic tryst on the doomed ship, as the two members of very different social strata experience how the other live.

Jack dies, pointlessly.

Or rather, it needed to be weepy, because otherwise the overwhelmingly mediocre plot lines would have been in too sharp focus.

Anyway - Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, over 20 years on, have been photographed by a paparazzo on holiday in St. Tropez in July. The photos only recently came to the attention of the press.

It's broken the internet a little, as Twitter has gone into ship overdrive.

For once you can genuinely say, 'this ship is unsinkable'.

Here's an iceberg, however.

Kate Winslet has been married to Ned Rocknroll since 2012, while Leonardo DiCaprio's love life has been publicly scrutinised and well-known.

Sorry guys.

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