There's a sinister fan theory that will completely change the way you watch Titanic
Picture: YouTube/screengrab

Why did Jack die? That piece of wood could have held both him and Rose. Or they could have taken it in turns in the freezing water.

The 'plot hole' seems to be an irksome subject among Titanic fans.

What if the reason Jack couldn’t share the driftwood was because Jack was never there?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, behold: another fan theory to thoroughly blow your mind.

This particular one, invented by a reddit user, seems to have been around for a while but resurfaced this week.

So remember this scene, in which Rose is a hair's breadth away from throwing herself off the ship to certain death because she doesn't want to marry Caledon Hockley?

It's also the first time Rose and Jack properly meet, when he saves her...

But what if that was the moment Rose suffered a mental break, and created 'Jack' to cope with her depression?

Jack – romantic, loving, adventurous and handsome. A dream man.

Recall the words he said to her:

If you don't break free, you're gonna die.

What if it was her subconscious, telling her to live?

The theory argues that Jack represents Rose’s resilience and strength.

The final bit of evidence is that there isn't a trace of Jack ever having been on board.

Okay, several users point out that that was because he won the ticket from someone else in a poker game.

However, Rose, as an elderly lady, when asked about why there are no paper records of Jack being on the ship, says cryptically:

No, there wouldn't be, would there?

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

Go on, admit it: you'll never be able to watch that final scene the same way again.

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