Katy Perry sparks backlash after 'disrespectful' attempt to defend Ellen DeGeneres
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Katy Perry fans are disappointed and angry with the singer for completely missing the point of the complaints against The Ellen Show.

Perry defended DeGeneres on Twitter, writing: "I have only ever had positive takeaways from my time with Ellen".

The Ellen Show has been embroiled in controversy since Buzzfeed News reported allegations of harassment and bullying from former staff members by their seniors.

As many of Perry's fans pointed out, the complaints about the show were made by staff, not multi-millionaire pop stars.

One former Ellen Show staff member told BuzzFeed News that behind the scenes the show has a "toxic work environment".

Others reported experiencing racist comments and "microaggressions" from senior producers.

DeGeneres responded to the allegations in an email to staff in which she wrote she is "committed to ensuring this doesn't happen again".

The show's production company, WarnerMedia, also confirmed that there would be staffing changes, although reports that DeGeneres herself will be replaced are as of yet unconfirmed.

DeGeneres's wife, Portia De Rossi, has also tried to defend the talk show host.

This attempt went similarly badly to Perry's, as De Rossi appeared to try to blame attacks on Ellen on social media "bots".

The controversy surrounding The Ellen Show shows now signs of stopping just yet.

But those who are qualified to speak on the matter are former Ellen employees, not her famous, millionaire friends.

That said, indy100 has contacted Katy Perry in case she wants to comment further. We'll update you if so.

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