Kids asked Santa some very awkward political questions on SNL

YouTube/ Saturday Night Live/ Screengrab

2017 has been one hell of a lousy year.

Donald Trump was at his absolute worst, North Korea threatened nuclear war, sexual harassment was exposed as widespread, and politics mostly sucked.

There were some good things but they seemed few and far between.

However, in bleak times there is always an opportunity for levity.

That's what comedians are for and none some better at making a satirical point right now than the cast of Saturday Night Live.

In the cold open for their most recent episode, Santa Claus (Kenan Thompson) speaks to a series of kids at his grotto in an American department store.

However, these kids are a bit more politically savvy than most and asked Santa questions about Trump, Al Franken, Roy Moore and the NFL protests to name but a few.

Trying to explain these issues to kids proved to be too difficult for Santa and even his elf played (Kate McKinnon) couldn't help.

Watch the hilarious sketch in the video below:

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