Lana del Rey furiously responds to fans who think she voted for Trump
Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Lana Del Rey really wants you to know she did not vote for Donald Trump.

The singer, whose birth name is Elizabeth Grant, exploded at a fan who suggested she might support the president's re-election.

Del Rey also said "what do you know?" as a Republican analyst reported on the election during an Instagram livestream. She then added "shut the f*** up".

Although the singer's feelings are now very clear, fans can be forgiven for questioning her allegiances.

Del Rey's attitude towards politics has long been ambivalent and controversial.

She has spoken out against Trump before, saying he makes women feel "less safe", and has even directed her followers to put a hex on him. But she's also sparked various backlashes over the years for claiming to be uninterested in feminism, appearing to criticise women of colour musicians for owning their sexuality, posting uncensored videos of Black Lives Matter protesters and wearing a face mask with holes in it while meeting with fans at a poetry reading.

In short, she doesn't always seem to be on the same wavelength as other liberals and progressives when it comes to politics and social justice.

But one thing Del Rey is consistent on is not holding anything back when a fan irritates her on social media.

Her clapbacks are legendary – if a little harsh.

At least we know in no uncertain terms where Del Rey currently stands.

Like the rest of us, she's anxiously waiting to hear some good news from the pollsters as they determine who has actually won the US presidential election.

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