Larry David jokes that Trump has ruined the name ‘Don Jr’ in new Curb Your Enthusiasm episode

Larry David jokes that Trump has ruined the name ‘Don Jr’ in new Curb Your Enthusiasm episode
Curb Your Enthusiasm/HBO/Brandon Bell/Getty Images

The great Larry David returned to our screens on Monday for the debut episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11 and immediately set about mocking Donald Trump and Trump Jr.

Spoilers: This article does contain plot information for Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11 episode one.

The new season revolves around David trying to make a new sitcom about his life during his 20s when he was living in Brooklyn called ‘Young Larry.’

When pitching the idea to Netflix, David and his manager, Jeff Greene, have to go and see one of the company’s fictional higher-ups named Don Winston Jr.

However, when they tell the receptionist at Netflix who they are there to meet they immediately recognise the problem with Winston’s name.

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“Don Jr,” says a stunned Jeff to which Larry repeats the name.

“How’d you get a name like that?” asks Larry. “It must be horrible,” adds Jeff.

“Trump has really ruined it for all Don Jrs, hasn’t he?” Larry asks again. Jeff replies: “I would not want that as my name.”

This is hardly the first time that David has chosen to mock the Trumps or the Trump family.

In February 2020, during season 10 of the show, David pretended to be a Trump supporter by wearing the trademark red MAGA cap to avoid being attacked by an angry biker. He also wore the cap numerous times during the episode to avoid talking to people that he didn’t like.

Bizarrely, Trump himself shared the clip in a tweet (back when he still had Twitter) and wrote ‘TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP’ - perhaps not realising that the scene was actually mocking him and his supporters.

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