Laurence Fox apologises for sharing private texts from a friend he claims 'cancelled' him

Laurence Fox apologises for sharing private texts from a friend he claims 'cancelled' him
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Laurence Fox has apologised for sharing private text messages between himself and actor Rebecca Front on Twitter.

Fox, an actor who frequently publicly criticises what he sees as 'wokeness', shared screenshots of a supposedly private message conversation he claims to have had with Front after noticing he had been blocked by her.

'Cancelling' someone is a nebulous and ill-defined concept, but even so we're pretty sure that's not what it means...

Anyway, indy100 has been unable to independently verify that these messages are genuine, but we've contacted both parties to ask.

In the now-deleted tweet, Fox wrote:

This is the most painful cancellation I have had yet. From someone I spent 10 happy years working with, many lovely family dinners and lots and lots of laughs. Someone I thought was a friend.

He attached a screengrab of an exchange between the pair.

Front, who is best known for her starring role in The Thick Of It, worked with Fox on detective drama Lewis.

In the screengrab attached to the now-deleted tweet, Front told Fox that his support for '#AllLivesMatter' "tipped [her] over the edge" and that they "clearly disagree" on many things.

'All Lives Matter' is a slogan that is sometimes used to undercut the Black Lives Matter movement. As Front explained in the private text messages, people of colour face systemic disadvantages on the basis of race that white people do not – hence the need for a slogan and, indeed, global movement.

Fox was ridiculed for claiming to have been "cancelled" by Front.

Particularly when he's the one posting an excerpt from a private conversation in the public domain.

People praised Front for the words attributed to her in the exchange.

Her former colleagues leapt to her defence.

indy100 has attempted to reach Laurence Fox and Rebecca Front for comment and to verify whether or not the messages Fox posted are genuine.

Front appeared to reference the incident later on Twitter, where she cryptically said that an apology had been made.

Fox then deleted his tweet and posted an apology for making the private conversation public.

Well, you heard Rebecca Front... let's move on, shall we?

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