Lena Dunham called out for posting ‘bizarre’ fantasies about marrying Hunter Biden

Certain things will always happen: Trump will lie, the sun will shine and Lena Dunham will be called out for bizarre things she’s said on social media.

This time, fans are a bit weirded out after the Girls creator started fantasising on Twitter about being the wife of president Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Dunham tweeted:

“I cannot wait to spend holidays at the White House when I am Hunter Biden’s beautiful wife.”

Her followers pointed out that Biden was married. Others pointed out the fact that the Justice Department is investigating the younger Biden for possible tax fraud, which he denies.

“He’s married,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Not sure he’s exactly a desirable partner,” another wrote.

“There is so much wrong to unpack in that sentence,” posted a third user.

Dunham recently opened up about her experience of testing positive for Covid-19. She has spent much of the last months locked down in London, UK. So can we really blame her for posting some strange tweets? After all, these are very strange times.

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