Lewis Capaldi embraces Noel Gallagher Chewbacca insult on Twitter

Noel Gallagher loves a public spat almost as much as he loves The Beatles. When he’s not feuding with his brother Liam, he’s taking pot shots at musicians whose work he dislikes. It’s all a bit unedifying for a man in his early ‘50s but such is life.

The latest subject of the former Oasis man’s ire is Lewis Capaldi, Scottish singer-songwriter and distant relative of Malcolm Tucker himself, Peter Capaldi.

The beef began with a radio interview in which Gallagher cited Capaldi as a prime example of how bad (but he used a ruder word) pop music has become in the modern era. The young Scotsman was touched.

Noel Gallagher has just slagged me off. This is dreams coming true. It’s Father’s Day, I’m being slagged off by a man who is old enough to be my Da’ and I’ve never been more happy. Happy Father’s Day Noel.

The 22-year-old wore a bespoke T-shirt at Glastonbury featuring the face of his nemesis. His tormentor was unimpressed with any of these responses.

F—ing Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes. The greatest day of his life that I slagged him off or called him an idiot. It’s the greatest day of his f—ing life so far. He’s just thinking, ‘Wow!’ Well, I know you’re Scottish and all that, but f—ing hell! It is like a third world country, but for f—‘s sake, man, you must have had a better day than this. Surely!

Capaldi, who has been the far more jovial party throughout, has now changed his profile picture on Twitter to one in which his face is combined with that of the Star Wars Wookiee. He has also rebranded as Chewis Capaldi.

Your move, Noel. Go let it out.

HT: Variety

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