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The pop-singer Lewis Capaldi has achieved a number one album in the charts, and the expletive-filled rant that he's delivered is everything people want to say, but never do.

Capaldi, a 22-year-old Scottish musician, achieved number 1 in the last week with his new album Divinely Uninspired to A Hellish Extent, and it became the fastest-selling album of the year to boot.

In its first week, it had 89,506 combined sales, beating the previous record set by Ariana Grande, according to the Official Charts Company. To be honest, we can see why he's swearing. If we'd beaten Ariana Grande at, well, anything, we'd probably be dropping the F-bomb, too.

Speaking to the Official Charts Company after hearing the impressive news, Capalidi said:

Hello, it's me, Lewis Capaldi here, and this week my album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent is the number 1 album in the UK, and has become the fastest selling album of the year if I'm correct, 

And it feels good, it feels like I'm going to make some money, finally, after slogging for so long, and it makes me just so proud to have made this good album, 

I look at all these other albums made by people like the Killers, and Hot Snakes, and Guides of Voices, and LCD Soundsystem, 

And I spit on them, and I say f****** haha, I say haha f*** off, you albums, my album is number 1, you've all been f***** great albums, but this week, my album is number 1, 

F*** You. 

But, big fan of all these bands, and thank you so much for everyone who did, who got in touch, and.... thank you to everyone who went and bought it, and now I have this big gold thing, and I can put it next to my other big gold thing, 

But the other big gold thing, goes somewhere else... 

F***** nice one! Thank You! 

I think it's fair to say, Capaldi is rather happy with how his album has fared. And, we don't blame him.

We also applaud his honesty.

It goes without saying that people on social media loved the clip.

Nice one, Lewis. Keep doing 'you'.

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