In a clip from his documentary As It Was, former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher has hilariously suggested when his bitter rivalry with his brother Noel might have begun.

The upcoming documentary, As It Was, charts Liam's return to music as a solo artist and the release of his 2017 album 'As You Were.'

The film directed by Charlie Lightening and Gavin Fitzgerald is billed as 'an honest and emotional story of how one of the most iconic rock ‘n’ roll frontmen went from the dizzying heights of his champagne supernova years in Oasis to finding himself ostracised and on the periphery of the rock ‘n’ roll world.'

As you can imagine the film, which will be released in cinemas on June 7, will feature Liam's typical brand of frank and uncensored humour and judging by a clip that he has shared on Twitter it is going to be hilarious.

For those who aren't quite clued up on their recent history of Oasis, the brothers do not currently speak to each other following a reported backstage argument at a festival in France in 2009.

Despite Liam making hints over the years that the band could reunite nothing is yet to come to fruition but it's possible that it will never happen and the resentment between the two could go back a lot longer than anyone else expected.

In the clip, Liam walks a camera crew through his childhood home in Burnage, Manchester, where he and Noel shared a bedroom and once urinated on his brothers stereo when he was quote "off me box."

[Pointing at a bed] that's where Noel would be, I was this side. He'd have the stereo that I p***ed on was there [the bottom of the bed].

This is the magic switch [a light switch] that I went for one night when I was off me box but I completely missed to turn the light on to go to the toilet.

There used to be a toilet there [points to the room next door] and I f**king missed. Our kid [Noel] is in bed and I'm just stood there...[imitates urinating]

And I think that's where the grudge started.

It's unlikely that Noel will confirm any time soon if that was the origin of his grudge with Liam but he is likely to be annoyed about another element of this movie.

The premiere of the doc is due to take place on June 6 at London's Alexandra Palace, which is the exact same night that Noel is playing a homecoming gig in Manchester's Heaton Park.

The Gallagher brothers attempting to overshadow one another? Colour us shocked.

HT Manchester Evening News

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